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10 December 2019

What next for Australia’s education system after abysmal PISA results?

After last week’s abysmal PISA results, many parents and teachers are wondering what the future of learning in Australia will entail. But there is a way out of this mess.

9 December 2019

Estonia didn’t deliver its PISA results on the cheap, and neither will Australia

Education news in Australia last week was dominated by Australia’s worst ever showing in the OECD’s PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests. The mathematical literacy of our students has fallen to the OECD average. It’s not good enough for a rich country like Australia. Improving outcomes will need good policy, steady support for schools, and consistent hard work.

4 December 2019

How do you stop the youth exodus from private health insurance? Cut premiums for under-55s

Young people don’t see private health insurance as good value for money. And they’re right: the cost of their expected use of private health care is significantly below what they pay in insurance premiums.

4 December 2019

How Australia can climb up the education ranking systems

The latest OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results show a long-term decline in reading, maths and science skills for Australian students. For Australia to improve, it is not about radically changing policy directions, or doing one thing differently. Instead, Australia must do many things better; much, much better. We must do them more systematically and with more intensity.

26 November 2019

Saving private health must start at the hospital

Too many private hospitals provide too much care that is of little or even no value to the patient. Here’s how to make them more efficient and less wasteful.

26 November 2019

How greedy doctors make private health insurance more painful

Specialists can charge patients what they want, and some doctors charge exorbitant amounts. A handful of services account for almost 90 per cent of all medical gaps.

25 November 2019

COAG clears the air on electricity

In the often messy and turbulent world of energy and climate policy, Australia ends 2019 in a far better place than we began.

24 November 2019

Super: you can have too much of a good thing

Higher compulsory superannuation wouldn’t tackle the biggest challenge facing our retirement incomes system: retirees who rent. They are at severe risk of poverty because rent assistance is inadequate.

22 November 2019

It’s time for Medicare for the mouth

It’s a national disgrace in a prosperous country such as Australia that cost prevents one in five people getting dental care when they need it. Here’s what should be done.

21 November 2019

You can review an airline, so why not a hospital? It’s time for health sector scorecards

Why don’t we have something like TripAdvisor when it comes to healthcare in Australia? Despite long waiting lists and high rates of complications, the health sector continues to lag behind other industries in providing public information about its performance.