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Environmental Policy

Grattan Institute aims to minimise its impact on the environment, including in relation to water, energy and paper consumption, and the production of waste.

Grattan encourages staff to care for the environment when:

  • Procuring office goods and services
  • Bulk buy, and minimise purchase of individually wrapped products
  • Purchase environmentally friendly, sustainable products where possible

Operating office equipment

To save energy

  • Ensure computers are switched off overnight (including screens)
  • Set computer sleep settings to activate in short periods
  • Turn off lights when not in use (e.g. Board Room, bathroom)
  • Activate sleep/energy save setting on photocopier in between uses
  • Use heating and cooling only when needed, and set temperatures to conservative range for winter and summer (around 20 and 25 degrees, respectively)
  • Turn off temperature controls, photocopiers and all lights if last to leave the office

To save paper and reduce waste

  • Print only when necessary (check the Grattan library first)
  • Apply double-sided as default printer setting
  • Where practicable, print 2 pages per sheet
  • Use scrap paper for drafts and notes
  • Share information and documents electronically, instead of in printed form
  • Print in black and white instead of colour
  • Minimise use of disposable crockery and cutlery

To save water

  • Operate dishwasher only when full, and use eco-setting

Disposing of Waste

  • Ensure waste is correctly disposed of in the landfill or recycling bin
  • Use Bokashi bin for compostable items
  • Recycle printer and toner cartridges
  • Post mobile phones and any batteries in internal mail for safe disposal through university programs


  • Use public transport and/or walk and ride to attend Grattan events and meetings, when practicable
  • Car pool or share taxis with others when walking, cycling or using public transport is not possible
  • Use tele-conferencing as an alternative to business travel

Grattan staff are encouraged to

  • Take a proactive approach in protecting the environment, and sharing environmentally friendly ideas with others
  • Provide comments on Grattan’s Environmental Policy at any time
  • Participate in Melbourne University’s Sustainability Forum and Staff Environmental Advocates programs
  • Learn more about Melbourne University’s Sustainable Campus initiative

Last Updated: 8 January 2020