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Friends of Grattan

Good public policy work needs friends. We invite you to donate $50 or more to Grattan Institute and become a Friend of Grattan for the following year.

We are looking for people who are engaged with public policy, and who value Grattan’s position as an independent, non-partisan think tank, committed to producing policy analysis and recommendations that are grounded in evidence, geared to the national good, and expressed clearly and powerfully, without fear or favour.

As a Friend, you will get priority access to all Grattan Institute public events, which are often booked out. You will be invited to our Christmas function that follows the annual launch of our Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List. And your donation will be acknowledged on our website and in our Annual Report.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please donate using this link.

Thank you for your generous support. We look forward to your friendship.

Current Friends of Grattan

Institutional Support

Low Family Foundation

Susan McKinnon Foundation

The Myer Foundation

Suntech R&D Australia

Individual Support

Peter Adams
Les Anderson
Carol Austin
Robert Baird
Anne Barton
Anne Barton
James Beeson
Simon Birrell
Ray Bricknell
Graham Bull
Alison Byers (Nee Rayner)
Roger Byrne
Renee Caddy
Marina Cade
Peter Callan
Phillip Carey
Ross Catts
John Cheong-Holdaway
The Chernov Family
Bernard Choongo
Tim Colebatch
Georgie Coleman
John Collins
Chris Cooper
Denys Correll
Ailsa Glenis Cowan
Marilyne Crestias
Matthew Crocker
Michael Crommelin
Philip Davis
Andrew Dempster
Greg Drayton
Garry Eastman
Basil Ellis
Dechlan Ellis
Faith FitzGerald
Kris Flegg
Ruth Forrest
Simon Fraser
Warwick Fuller
Susan Garner
David Gifford
Adam Gilbert
Mark Giles
Don Gillies
Yochai Glick
Whyatt Gnaden
Thomas Gole
Dilhara Gonsalkorale
Linda Greenleaf
Ralph Griffiths
Neil Gunn
Anna Guthleben
Frances Hanks
Will Harrington
Diana Harrison
Ron Hastie
Grant Hawgood
Alice Hill
Geoff Hopkins
Christopher Horvath
Joe Isaac
Paul James
Keith Jones
Tanya Josev
Hal Kendig
Tony Kerr
Harry Kestin
Nida Khoury
Lyndon And Elisabeth Kurth
Charles La Rosa
Chris Leptos, AM
Amy Lim
Gareth Lloyd
Andrew Long
Kate Long
Alistair Mailer
David Martino
Allan Mawdsley
Glen McBride
Anthony McDonald
Julian McMahon
Dominic Meagher
John Merritt
Mark Metelmann
Samuel Miles
Allison Miller
Peter Moylan
Harshal Naik
Kin Fun Ng
Peter Ninnes
Joseph Niven
Helen O’Kane
Lin Oke
Noel Oxley
Danny Pearson
David Penington
Michael Pennisi
Cameron Peter
Marian Pettit
Peter Phibbs
Andrew Pidgeon
Ben Pollard
Steve Prousialkas
Larry Quick
Jolyon Rogers
John Ryan
Rob Sheehan
Vivienne Skinner
Mary Slater
Jeremiah Sloane
Allegra Spender
Bernard Stahr
Francis John Stark
Sally Steel
Lucy Stevenson
Tricia Stinson
Jennifer Strauss
Amy Stubberfield
John Stuckey
Mike Sweeney
Geoff Swier
Rodney Syme
Brenton Thomas
Jason Thompson
Adam Thomson
Frank Timms
Melinda Toomey
Anthony Towler
Michael Trumble
The Hon Malcolm Turnbull and Lucy Turnbull AO
Noel Turnbull
Janice van Reyk
Reuben Vogt
John Wares
Amber Warren
Tim Watts
Douglas Weller
Damien White
Ryan Wilson
Greg Winslett
Rita Winter
Henry Wong
Holly Woodrow
Luke Woodward
Simon Wright
Ruixiang Zeng

and 34 anonymous donors who have contributed a total of $55,060.00.