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Friends of Grattan

Good public policy work needs friends. We invite you to donate $50 or more to Grattan Institute and become a Friend of Grattan for the following year.

We are looking for people who are engaged with public policy, and who value Grattan’s position as an independent, non-partisan think tank, committed to producing policy analysis and recommendations that are grounded in evidence, geared to the national good, and expressed clearly and powerfully, without fear or favour.

As a Friend, you will get priority access to all Grattan Institute public events, which are often booked out. You will be invited to our Christmas function that follows the annual launch of our Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List. And your donation will be acknowledged on our website and in our Annual Report.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Please donate using this link.

Thank you for your generous support. We look forward to your friendship.

Current Friends of Grattan

Institutional Support

Cuffe Family Foundation

Alan and Elizabeth Finkel Foundation

Gourlay Charitable Trust

Kestin Family Foundation

Susan McKinnon Foundation

Individual Support

PATRONS ($5,000 plus)
Carol Austin
The Chernov Family
Andrew Cuthbertson
John Funder
Kate Long
Joseph Niven
Jillian Segal
Fred Woolhard

BENEFACTORS ($1,000 plus)
Robert Baird
R Jane Bridge
Jillian Broadbent
Graham Bull
Glyn Davis
Anne De Salis
Alice Hill
Robert Peck
Peggy Horn
David Penington
David Rickards
Peter and Joan Selby Smith
Allegra Spender
Elizabeth Stone
John Stuckey
Noel Turnbull
Mary Vallentine

Ian Abbey
Brian Abbey
Bronte Adams
Deborah Allen
Paula Allen
Dane Allen
Keith Altamnn
Les Anderson
Christopher Avram
Christine Bartlett
Donald Bates
Neil Belford
Justin Bokor
Aimee Bradley
David Brous
Paul Butler
Bruce Butler
Peter Callan
Helen Canty
Liana Cartledge
Aradhna Chandra
John Cheong-Holdaway
Samuel Clark
Julie Clarke
Christopher Cooper
Richard Courtice
Andrew Crockett
Michael Crommelin
Andrew Curthoys
Daryl & Nola Daley
Tony Dalton
Benedict Davies
David de Vaus
Greg Drayton
Janice Dudley
Patrick Easton
Ayse Ekinci
Carol Ey
Richard Farber
Tony Fitzgerald
Ruth Forrest
David Frecker
Jenness Gardner
David Gifford
Mark Giles
Stewart Gill
Stephen Ginpil
Yochai Glick
Marcia Grace
Linda Greenleaf
Carole Grey
Ralph Griffiths
Frances Hanks
Warren Harding
K Harley
Grant Hawgood
Joshua Healy
James Hipwood
Lucy Holder
Michael Holder
Christopher Horvath
Paul James
Keith Jones
Ingrid Kellenbach
Pamela Kenny
Nida Khoury
Cameron Knott
Carmel Krogh
Alison Lansley
Charmaine Lewis
Richard Littlle
Adrian Lobo
Andrew Long
Andrew Lumsden
Alistair Mailer
Louise Mallon
Jennifer Manning
Allan Mawdsley
Jim McEwen
Alan Mckay
Gary Mclaren
Mark Metelmann
Peter Moylan
Jane Munro
Alan Murnane
Peter Ninnes
Helen O’Kane
Robert O’Reilly
Lin Oke
Geoff Oulton
Pam Palmer
Fiona Patten
Karen Penrose
Deborah Peterson
Monica Pfeffer
Charlotte Plaisant Millecamps
Alison Reeve
Megan Reinwald
Claire Ridgewell
Eric Ripper
Joseph Roach
Geoff Robinson
Clive Rodger
Jol Rogers
Linda Rossiter
John Ryan
Michael Ryan
Susan Ryan
Graeme Salt
Paul Schneider
Ruth Schubert
Christopher Shaw
Rob Sheehan
Vivienne Skinner
Jeremiah Sloane
Judith Smith
Brian Spies
Rodney Syme
Jason Tabarias
Carl Tauni
Hugh Taylor
James Thevathasan
Tim Threlfall
Melinda Toomey
Andrew Vidler
John Wares
Jackie Weedman
Geoff Webb
Jim Welsh
Ben Westmore
Lance Williamson
Paul Wood
Veronica Wood
Thom Woodroofe
Harley Wright

and 52 anonymous donors who have contributed a total of $25,045.