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Program Reference Groups

School Education Reference Group

John Hattie – Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership

David Kemp – Grattan Institute Board

Leslie Loble – NSW Department of Education and Communities

Lee Elliot Major – The Sutton Trust

Lisa O’Brien – The Smith Family

Stanley Rabinowitz – Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Field Rickards – Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Wendy Timms – Victorian Department of Education and Training

Energy Program Reference Group

Andrew Reeves – Prior chair of Australian Energy Regulator

Anna Skarbek – Climate Works Australia

Connell Burke – Westpac Banking Corp.

Fiona Wild – BHP Billiton Limited

Frank Jotzo – Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU

Greg Bourne – Prior chair of ARENA

Hugh Saddler – Centre for Climate Economics & Policy, ANU

Mark Grenning  – Board Member EUAA

Paul Simshauser – Department of Energy and Water Supply

Jeni Coutts – AGL

Health Program Reference Group

Pradeep Philip – Victorian Department of Health

Mary Foley – NSW Department of Health

Jane Gunn – University of Melbourne

Christine Jorm – University of Sydney

Kim Sykes – Bendigo Community Health Services

Michael Walsh – Cabrini Health

Andrew Wilson – University of Sydney

Fran Baum – Flinders University

Anne Cahill Lambert – Consumer

Natalie Toohey – Communication Strategy Advisor

Chris Altis – CBUS Industry Super

John Funder – Prince Henrys Institute

Higher Education Reference Group

Kym Peake – Skills Victoria

Professor Steven Schwartz – Council of Humanities, Arts and Social Science

Jane den Hollander – Deakin University

Dr George Brown – Study Group Australia

Caroline Perkins – Regional Universities Network

Professor Hamish Coates – The University of Melbourne

Dr Tom Karmel – National Institute of Labour Studies, Flinders University

Peter Noonan – ACIL Allen Consulting

Martyn Myer – Myer Foundation and member University of Melbourne Council

Ben Wildavsky – Rockefeller Institute of Government, State University of New York

Dr David Kemp – Grattan Institute Board

Productivity Growth Program Reference Group

Brad Crofts – Australian Workers’ Union

Danny Samson – The University of Melbourne

Jason Russo – Australian Bureau of Statistics

John Quiggin – The University of Queensland

Jonathan West – Australian Innovation Research Centre

Joshua Gans – The University of Melbourne / Harvard University

Michael Plumb – Reserve Bank of Australia

Nicholas Gruen – Lateral Economics

Patricia Faulkner – Independent Consultant

Paul Smyth – Brotherhood of St Laurence

Rod Glover – Independent Consultant

Tony McDonald – Australian Treasury