23 March 2017

Housing affordability: Resurrecting the Australian dream – Sydney

In this Forward Thinking event at the State Library of NSW, Jessica Irvine, senior economics writer for Fairfax Media, Princess Ventura, Director at Urbis and Grattan Institute Fellow Brendan Coates discussed the problem, and weighed the options for reform.

13 February 2017

Why every generation feels entitled

In this Policy Pitch event at the State Library Victoria, Caitlin Fitzsimmons, Money editor, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Peter Switzer, Founder, Switzer Financial Group and Grattan CEO John Daley discussed why each generation feels entitled. They aimed to provide a bigger picture of the taxes and government support for each generation, and how policy ought to change.

25 November 2016

Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List 2016

Grattan Institute launched our annual Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister at the State Library of Victoria.

15 December 2015

Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List 2015

Grattan Institute launched our annual Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister, held in Melbourne at the State Library of Victoria on Tuesday 15 December.

21 September 2015

Future proofing

Thanks to the mining boom, Australia has had a great decade, with the benefits well spread. The average 55 to 74 year old Australian is now a millionaire. But harder times lie ahead, especially for younger Australians. Tough calls on tax and spending must be made.

18 February 2015

The Murray Inquiry and Superannuation

A forthcoming Grattan report argues that the superannuation industry needs to become more efficient. Join an expert panel for a discussion on superannuation and the Financial System Inquiry.

12 November 2014

2014 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister

Now in its sixth year, the List contains books and articles that we believe the Prime Minister – or indeed any Australian – will find stimulating over the break. They are all good reads that we think say something interesting about Australia and its future.

8 October 2014

How behavioural economics does and can shape public policy

Andrew Leigh, in discussion with John Daley, outlined the main lessons of behavioural economics, and discussed the ways that it has affected policymaking in Australia.

16 September 2014

Big ideas for a small state: Grattan views on the policy priorities for the next Victorian Government

Victorians go to the polls on November 29. What are the big policy questions Victorians should consider before they vote?

24 July 2014

The Financial System Review and superannuation

Listen to this expert panel discussion’s “Forward Thinking” event on the issues facing the Financial Systems Review and the emerging directions from the interim report, and the reform agenda for superannuation.