30 April 2014

Water competition: the UK experience

Over the past decade, water restrictions have been imposed in many Australian cities. There have also been significant investments to augment supplies, which are coming on-line. With the immediate risks to water security abating, there is now an opportunity to explore how delivery of water services could be improved in the future.

30 April 2014

In defence of liberty

The Hon. Joe Hockey MP, Shadow Treasurer, spoke at Grattan Institute on Thursday 11 March 2010. His speech ‘In Defence of Liberty’ pursued the theme that as a nation we have not struck the right balance between individual freedoms and collectivism. This will be an influential contribution to a core issue of our times.

1 January 2014

The Policy Pitch

The State Library of Victoria has announced a new collaboration with Grattan Institute to create The Policy Pitch, a series of free public seminars that examine key policy issues facing Australia today.

6 June 2013

Superannuation’s contribution to Australia’s economic future

John Daley, CEO of Grattan Institute, presented on super’s contribution to Australia’s economic and social future at the ASFA Investment Interchange on 4 June 2013.

22 August 2012

Canberra – How can instinctive preferences improve policy outcomes?

Policy makers have begun to pay attention to the growing field of behavioural economics. This seminar explored how behavioural economics can be applied to the design of public policy.

5 November 2011

2011 Summer reading list for the Prime Minister

Leading political commentator George Megalogenis joined Grattan’s CEO, John Daley, and Cities Program Director Jane-Frances Kelly, to launch our annual Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister.

1 February 2010

Political polarisation: lessons from the United States

David Brady, Professor of Political Science and Leadership Values, and Deputy Director, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, will be beginning Grattan’s 2010 events program, taking part in a Q and A seminar.

9 December 2009

Australia-US relationship and the President partnership agenda

Grattan Institute invites you to hear the new US Ambassador, Jeffrey L. Bleich, in his first public appearance in Melbourne. He discussed the Australia-US relationship, and how President Obama plans to strengthen it into the future.

20 April 2009

The launch of Grattan Institute

Remarks by John Daley, Chief Executive of Grattan Institute on the evening of the formal launch on 20 April 2009.