15 June 2016

A policy view on the Federal election

As the Federal election enters its final fortnight, Grattan Institute’s CEO and Program Directors discussed the key policy reforms that the next Commonwealth Government should tackle.

12 April 2016

Generation less? Exploring the economic challenge for young Australians

In this Policy Pitch event at State Library Victoria, Jennifer Rayner, Professor Rod Maddock from Victoria University and Grattan Fellow Danielle Wood explore the emerging political and economic concerns around intergenerational inequality and what we should do about it.

22 March 2016

Negative gearing and capital gains tax reform: what’s in the public interest?

Negative gearing and capital gains tax have been much debated over the last few months. In this event, John Daley, CEO of the Grattan Institute, and Simon Cowan, Research Manager of the Centre for Independent Studies work through the issues.

10 December 2015

Targeting the tax breaks for superannuation

In this Forward Thinking event Danielle Wood and Brendan Coates discussed superannuation tax breaks with Joanna Mather, who covers tax and superannuation for the Australian Financial Review.

17 November 2015

Striking a new generational bargain

In this Policy Pitch event at State Library Victoria, Mark Butler and Grattan CEO John Daley discussed the policy implications of an ageing population.

21 September 2015

Future proofing

Thanks to the mining boom, Australia has had a great decade, with the benefits well spread. The average 55 to 74 year old Australian is now a millionaire. But harder times lie ahead, especially for younger Australians. Tough calls on tax and spending must be made.

20 August 2015

We need to talk about tax

This State of Affairs event discussed the key questions in Australian tax reform, and show how they raise fundamental issues about what sort of society we want to be.

13 May 2015

Australia’s budget pressures: the view from Treasury

Three days after the 2015-16 Budget, Commonwealth Treasury Secretary John Fraser speaks to Grattan CEO John Daley about the key economic issues for Australia going forward, including the outlook for debt, growth and structural reform.

20 April 2015

Crisis, what crisis? Should tax reform fix Commonwealth and State budgets?

John Daley, Grattan Institute CEO hosted an expert panel to discuss the most attractive options for repairing Commonwealth and State revenues.

27 March 2015

Intergenerational fairness

John spoke at a meeting of the CEDA Council on Economic Policy on 20 March 2015.