30 April 2014

Governing growing cities

Australia is famously one of the most urbanised countries in the world, with our cities producing the bulk of GDP and jobs. Today our cities are on the front line of responding to climate change, and are projected to significantly increase in size.

30 May 2013

Mineral Resources Rent Tax – will it work?

This seminar explored this issue and looked at how Australia’s mining tax can be improved from here.

21 November 2011

Getting the housing we want: report launch

To launch Grattan Institute’s report ‘Getting the housing we want’, former Victorian Premier, John Brumby, spoke with Cities Program Director, Jane-Frances Kelly.

27 June 2011

The housing we’d choose

Grattan Institute Cities Program Director Jane-Frances Kelly discussed the issues raised in the report, “The Housing We’d Choose”, with Grattan’s CEO John Daley.

29 June 2010

The cities we need

Grattan Cities Program Director Jane-Frances Kelly discussed the program’s first report, The Cities We Need, with Grattan CEO John Daley.

1 June 2010

Mapping social cohesion: 2009 Scanlon Foundation report

Grattan Institute hosted a discussion with Professor Andrew Markus, director of the Scanlon Foundation’s Social Cohesion Research Program, to talk about the findings of the 2009 Scanlon report into social cohesion.

13 May 2010

People, pride and purpose

After decades of decline, Chicago, Glasgow and Manchester are experiencing a renaissance. Different cities have different stories to tell. However, three ingredients are common across all these cities; people, pride and purpose.

17 March 2010

American cities: a 21st century urban agenda

State and Federal Governments in the U.S. have grappled for decades with urban issues such as urban regeneration and affordable housing. As Cabinet Secretary for Housing and Urban Development in the Clinton Administration, Henry Cisneros was at the centre of these efforts.