15 October 2015

City geography and economic policy

John Daley presented to the Council of City Lord Mayors at Parliament House on Wednesday 14 October 2015.

18 August 2015

Melbourne – The trusting economy? How peer-to-peer platforms are changing work, business, and policy

Professor Ian Harper joined Dr Nicholas Gruen and Dr Jim Minifie from Grattan Institute in this Policy Pitch discussion about the peer-to-peer economy.

13 August 2015

Sydney – The collaborative economy? How peer-to-peer platforms are changing work, business, and policy

Join Rachel Botsman, a global leader in the analysis of the collaborative economy, and Dr Jim Minifie from Grattan Institute in this Forward Thinking discussion on how collaboration is changing business, the economy and policy.

1 May 2014

Spreading smart ideas: Policy priorities to accelerate the spread of innovations

Innovation is about much more than taking Australian inventions to market. Australia needs to capture opportunities in the global innovation system, and adopt and adapt innovations from elsewhere.

1 May 2014

Regional growth patterns: evidence from the latest Census

In this public seminar, Grattan CEO John Daley and Urbis Director Michael Barlow discussed patterns in Australian regional growth as revealed in the 2011 Census, and why government policy is failing to keep up with the rapid growth in coastal and capital city satellite regions.

30 April 2014

Big shifts in the global economy

Professor Michael Spence, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, examined how emerging economies are reshaping the global economy and the international order.

30 April 2014

Trading our way to more jobs and prosperity

Trade Minister, the Hon. Craig Emerson MP, discussed how sound trade policy and solid economic reform should work hand-in-hand.

30 April 2014

Investing in regions: making a difference

Grattan Institute partnered with the Committee for Ballarat — one of Australia’s fast-growing regions — to launch its latest report “Investing in regions: Making a difference”.

30 April 2014

Manufacturing regained: new prospects for business and regional communities

Dan Swinney, Executive Director of the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council, reflected on the Council’s 25-year effort to maintain and expand high-skilled manufacturing jobs.

30 April 2014

Understanding Australia’s productivity performance

At this Grattan event, Productivity Growth Program Director Saul Eslake discussed how productivity growth is vital to meeting several of Australia’s important economic challenges, and assessed the reasons for the marked deterioration in Australia’s productivity growth performance over the past decade.