26 September 2016

South Australia’s power system: a crisis or a canary?

In recent months, South Australia has witnessed some remarkable changes in the electricity system. S.A. is a world leader in terms of integrating renewable energy into the grid, but these recent events have put a spotlight on the challenges that come with this transition.

14 September 2016

Demand for coal and gas in light of the Paris Agreement – what this means for Australia

Australia signed up to the Paris Agreement in December 2016 that committed to holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. In this State of Affairs event co-hosted by UQ Energy Initiative and Grattan Institute, a panel of experts presented and discussed with the audience a range of perspectives on what this means for Australia’s economy, its businesses and policy makers.

5 September 2016

Australia’s Electricity System: Transition to 2030

This symposium provided a comprehensive overview of the issues facing the energy system, with comparative European perspectives and experiences of the energy transition, market design and emission reduction targets – brought to you by the Melbourne Energy Institute, the Grattan Institute, the EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges, GEE-21, the Australian-German Climate and Energy College, and ATSE.

1 August 2016

Climate change: The great moral challenge was an election non-issue: What next?

In this public forum hosted by Grattan Institute, John Connor, Emma Herd and Tony Wood discussed the prospect that with the new federal government and new minister we might really begin to address the great moral challenge of climate change.

27 June 2016

Climate policy 2016: Has Labor got it right this time around?

In this Energy Futures event the Shadow Minister, Mark Butler, outlined Labor’s policies to address the challenge of climate change.

19 May 2016

Future of gas in Australia: a new paradigm?

This Energy Futures public forum featured Rod Sims, the Chairman of the ACCC, who discussed the Commission’s report on the competitiveness of wholesale gas prices in Eastern and Southern Australia.

4 May 2016

Sustainable Cities: New Research Perspectives

In this public forum, presenters from the Grattan Institute and Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy Institute discussed recent work on climate policy, electricity tariffs, solar storage and rail funding.

16 February 2016

Climate policy in 2016: The hard task of delivering on our international commitment

Shayleen Thompson, CEO of the Climate Change Authority and Clare Savage from the Business Council of Australia joined Grattan Institute’s Tony Wood to discuss: How tough is the target and what are the merits of the various policies that might be used to meet this and future targets?

13 October 2015

Melbourne – Climate Change: What happens after the Paris Conference?

Tom Arup from The Age discussed what happens after the Paris Conference with David Karoly, Anthea Harris and Tony Wood in this Energy Futures event

30 September 2015

Sydney – Climate Change: What is Australia’s fair share of a global effort?

Grattan Institute’s Tony Wood discussed Australia’s emissions reduction target with representatives of The Climate Institute and the Minerals Council.