19 May 2016

Future of gas in Australia: a new paradigm?

This Energy Futures public forum featured Rod Sims, the Chairman of the ACCC, who discussed the Commission’s report on the competitiveness of wholesale gas prices in Eastern and Southern Australia.

4 May 2016

Sustainable Cities: New Research Perspectives

In this public forum, presenters from the Grattan Institute and Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy Institute discussed recent work on climate policy, electricity tariffs, solar storage and rail funding.

21 July 2015

Natural gas: part of the problem or part of the solution?

Can clean burning gas be part of the solution but as a fossil fuel also be part of the problem? This Policy Pitch seminar discussed an issue of critical importance to Australia, shortly to become the world’s biggest exporter of gas.

5 February 2015

Gas: too good to burn? – Brisbane

Panel members reflected on whether we could or should switch away from gas, and if indeed a situation could arise in which our gas is priced out of the market.

9 November 2014

The future of gas supply and demand in eastern Australia

The emergence of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities in Queensland means that now for the first time eastern Australian gas is linked to the world market. This Energy Futures seminar explored the impacts this will have on Australian’s that use gas in their home or business.

21 October 2014

Gas: too good to burn?

In this Policy Pitch event, Grattan Institute’s Tony Wood and representatives from small and large customers discussed what this dramatic change means for our gas bills, whether we could or should switch away from gas and whether we could see a situation in which our gas is priced out of the market.

25 June 2014

A global gas revolution: Implications for Australian Energy Policy

Tony Wood’s presentation at the Australian Gas Export Outlook 2014 Conference

28 May 2014

Energy in 2014: more mines than field

Based on recent and current Grattan Institute research and analysis, this presentation and discussion brought together the key drivers that are behind a very messy story and assessed where things are likely to go from here.

1 May 2014

How to survive and thrive in the global gas revolution

Extraordinary changes to gas demand and supply are shaping energy markets around the world. Australia, at the forefront of change, faces threats and opportunities in getting gas right.

1 May 2014

PERTH From offshore to onshore – the future of WA’s gas market?

This seminar explored questions about the importance of new sources of natural gas (CSG and shale gas) in meeting our energy needs and the scientific, environmental, social and economic issues which need to be addressed to develop these resources safely and responsibly.