28 May 2014

Energy in 2014: more mines than field

Based on recent and current Grattan Institute research and analysis, this presentation and discussion brought together the key drivers that are behind a very messy story and assessed where things are likely to go from here.

1 May 2014

How to survive and thrive in the global gas revolution

Extraordinary changes to gas demand and supply are shaping energy markets around the world. Australia, at the forefront of change, faces threats and opportunities in getting gas right.

1 May 2014

PERTH From offshore to onshore – the future of WA’s gas market?

This seminar explored questions about the importance of new sources of natural gas (CSG and shale gas) in meeting our energy needs and the scientific, environmental, social and economic issues which need to be addressed to develop these resources safely and responsibly.

1 May 2014

Are Australian energy markets functioning efficiently?

As energy demand in Australia drops, prices continue to rise – important questions need to be raised.

6 November 2013

Our winners and losers in the global gas revolution

By 2017 Australia could be the world’s biggest gas exporter. But Australian consumers will have to pay a price.

21 August 2013

BRISBANE Unconventional gas – energy saviour or environmental problem?

The new “gas rush” created by the rise of unconventional gas technologies is a politically-charged issue. This seminar delved into the environmental risks and the implications for our energy market.

2 July 2013

Unconventional gas – energy saviour or environmental problem?

This seminar explored how important might unconventional gas (CSG and shale gas) be to Australia’s economy and domestic energy sector.

13 August 2012

Coal seam gas: economic bonanza or environmental disaster?

At the Noosa Longweekend Festival in June 2012, Tony Wood, Grattan Institute’s Energy Program Director, formed part of an expert panel for an important discussion on the impacts of coal seam gas.