14 March 2018

Safer care saves money – Melbourne

In this Policy Pitch event, Stephen Duckett, Health Program Director at Grattan Institute presented data on the costs of complication rates and potential new strategies to reduce adverse events. He was joined by Associate Professor Jill Sewell, chair of the Victorian Clinical Council and Dr Linda Swan, Chief Medical Officer for Medibank to discuss how strategies might work in the public and private sectors.

31 July 2017

Safety and Quality – time to stop just goggling at the problems our data reveals – Melbourne

The health system is awash with data. Nearly all of it tells us that we could improve. Yet our current improvement efforts are surprisingly limited in their scope. In this Policy Pitch event, a panel of experts discussed how to improve the soundness, relevance, accessibility and understanding of health data.

21 February 2017

Fighting obesity: one tax and one community at a time

Australians are getting fatter. Various interventions have been tried, but the trends are in the wrong direction. In this policy pitch, we explored what can and should be done to address obesity and its effects.

1 August 2016

Getting primary care right

Everyone agrees we need to improve primary care. The Commonwealth government is proposing ‘health care homes’ as part of the answer and a move to paying GPs to look after the whole patient. In this Policy Pitch, Stephen Duckett, Director of the Health Program at Grattan Institute presented some findings from Grattan Institute research. Anne Congleton, and Jane Gunn then joined him on a panel to discuss how to improve primary care.

1 May 2014

AHHA Roundtable: 30th Anniversary of Medicare

Stephen Duckett’s presentation at the AHHA Roundtable for the 30th anniversary of Medicare.

1 May 2014

Why our wish to be well is putting pressure on our politicians

Government budgets are under pressure and rising health costs are the biggest single cause. But costs can be managed, if our leaders can be brave.

30 April 2014

Rebuilding from the ground up – a National Disability Insurance Scheme

Disability doesn’t discriminate. And yet for Australians with disability, where you live or how you or a loved one acquire a disability can radically change the care and support you receive.