1 May 2014

Balancing budgets in difficult times

John Daley presents on balancing budgets for Urbis, 4 February 2014.

1 May 2014

Balancing budgets: tough choices we need

At this event John Daley and Judith Sloan discussed Grattan’s report Balancing budgets, which lays out the options that Australian governments have to repair their budgets.

1 May 2014

Is there still a budget emergency?

John Daley spoke at the National Press Club of Australia on Wednesday 9 October. Australian governments are increasingly living beyond their means. Health spending in particular is rising. The Global Financial Crisis and the mining boom have both hidden the problems. As Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott declared that Australia has a “budget emergency”. Has anything changed since the Federal election, and how should governments approach their budgets as the mining boom slows?

1 May 2014

Western Australian budget pressure and infrastructure

Around Australia governments are spending too much and earning too little. Despite the mining boom windfall even the West Australian budget is under pressure. As a result, historically high levels of infrastructure spending are likely to fall.

15 April 2014

State of Australian budgets

This event provided a sneak preview of Grattan’s upcoming report on the state of our budgets, and discussed what can be done to repair them.

8 August 2013

Why welfare dominates government budgets

Australian welfare spending trends: past changes and future drivers, presented by John Daley

2 November 2012

The end of big government budgets — what next?

Grattan CEO John Daley spoke to the 2012 Economic and Social Outlook Conference on why governments will have to make tough budget decisions in the years ahead.

5 November 2009

After the crisis: what are the social policy challenges

Australian experience of the global financial crisis has turned out to be remarkably benign, both by comparison with that of most other advanced economies and with what was commonly expected in the early stages of the crisis.