19 September 2017

Competition in the Australian economy: too little of a good thing? – Melbourne

In this Policy Pitch event, an expert panel discussed the role of competition and competition policy in the Australian economy including, how valid concerns are about competition and market power in Australia; where competition is working less well than it could, and what are its limits as a policy tool; and what else policymakers should do to ensure competition benefits the community?

31 March 2017

Stagnation nation? Australian investment in a low-growth world – Melbourne

Australia risks descent into economic stagnation as the mining investment boom fades. In this policy pitch event three experienced policy analysts discussed the state of the economy and how policy can reignite investment.

7 March 2017

How is technology reshaping the economy?

In the first of Grattan Institute’s 2017 State of Affairs events, Productivity Growth Director Jim Minifie was joined on a panel by Joanna Batstone, Dr Charles Day and Martie-Louise Verreynne to explore technology and the economy.

21 October 2016

Dynamism or descent: What can Australia do to avoid the slow growth trap?

Much of the rich world has been trapped in sluggish economic growth for almost a decade. Australia has avoided the slow growth trap so far. At this Policy Pitch event, three Australian economists discussed the low growth problem and Australia’s prospects and policy priorities.

26 August 2016

Australia in the age of discovery: navigating new risks and opportunities

The world economy has never been more interconnected, and scientific discoveries and technologies are changing it quickly. This Policy Pitch event brought together the author of a fascinating new book, The Age of Discovery, and Australian policy thinkers to assess how Australia should confront the challenges of this age.

18 August 2015

Melbourne – The trusting economy? How peer-to-peer platforms are changing work, business, and policy

Professor Ian Harper joined Dr Nicholas Gruen and Dr Jim Minifie from Grattan Institute in this Policy Pitch discussion about the peer-to-peer economy.

13 August 2015

Sydney – The collaborative economy? How peer-to-peer platforms are changing work, business, and policy

Join Rachel Botsman, a global leader in the analysis of the collaborative economy, and Dr Jim Minifie from Grattan Institute in this Forward Thinking discussion on how collaboration is changing business, the economy and policy.

30 April 2014

Big shifts in the global economy

Professor Michael Spence, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, examined how emerging economies are reshaping the global economy and the international order.

30 April 2014

Trading our way to more jobs and prosperity

Trade Minister, the Hon. Craig Emerson MP, discussed how sound trade policy and solid economic reform should work hand-in-hand.

30 April 2014

Understanding Australia’s productivity performance

At this Grattan event, Productivity Growth Program Director Saul Eslake discussed how productivity growth is vital to meeting several of Australia’s important economic challenges, and assessed the reasons for the marked deterioration in Australia’s productivity growth performance over the past decade.