26 October 2018

State Orange Book 2018: Policy priorities for states and territories – Melbourne

Following the release of our State Orange Book 2018, this Policy Pitch event, featuring a number of Grattan Institute Fellows and Program Directors, examined some of the policy recommendations from ten years of Grattan Institute reports and outline what state and territory governments should do to improve Australia.

14 November 2017

Cities and the regions: a growing divide? – Sydney

This Forward Thinking event explored the widening economic and social divide between Australia’s cities and regions. What are the economic forces at play? What are the effects on the social fabric of the nation? And what if anything should governments do to bridge the divide?

3 August 2017

Post Trump, Post Brexit, Post Policy: the Rise of Populism – Brisbane

Established political parties are struggling across the developed world, while “outsider parties” rise. In this State of Affairs event, Grattan CEO John Daley presented detailed Grattan analysis about the real shifts in Australia’s economy, culture and institutions, and which of them are plausibly linked to shifts in voting.

1 May 2014

Regional growth patterns: evidence from the latest Census

In this public seminar, Grattan CEO John Daley and Urbis Director Michael Barlow discussed patterns in Australian regional growth as revealed in the 2011 Census, and why government policy is failing to keep up with the rapid growth in coastal and capital city satellite regions.

30 April 2014

Investing in regions: making a difference

Grattan Institute partnered with the Committee for Ballarat — one of Australia’s fast-growing regions — to launch its latest report “Investing in regions: Making a difference”.

30 April 2014

Manufacturing regained: new prospects for business and regional communities

Dan Swinney, Executive Director of the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council, reflected on the Council’s 25-year effort to maintain and expand high-skilled manufacturing jobs.