30 April 2014

The challenges of learning from others

Professor Yong Zhao, Presidential Chair, Associate Dean of the College of Education at the University of Oregon, discussed the benefits and pitfalls of international policy research.

30 April 2014

Better teacher appraisal and feedback: improving performance

Dr Ben Jensen, Grattan Institute’s School Education Program Director, presented and discussed the findings of his report *Better Teacher Appraisal and Feedback: Improving Performance*.

30 April 2014

Progress on education reform in Australia

Following the release of the second version of *MySchool*, Peter Garrett, Minister for Early Childhood, School Education and Youth, outlined the direction of education reform for the coming year and beyond.

30 April 2014

Effective performance management: the next challenge for our schools

Dr Ben Jensen, Director of Grattan’s School Education Program, explained at this event why a new era of transparency will force considerable change in our schools.

30 April 2014

What teachers want: better teacher management

At this Grattan Institute event Dr Ben Jensen, Grattan’s Program Director for School Education, discussed the program’s second report, What Teachers Want: Better Teacher Management.

30 April 2014

Economic returns to education

What are the links between education and productivity? With the Australian school education system currently going through a major reform, Grattan Institute hosted a seminar which discussed the relationship between education and economic returns. Will the proposed education reforms make a difference to Australian productivity?

30 April 2014

Measuring what matters: student progress

Grattan Institute is released its first public report “Measuring what matters: student progress” on Wednesday 27 January 2010, looking at the issue of measuring school performance. This issue is relevant to the Commonwealth government’s launch of the “my school” website of school performance.

13 March 2013

Alliance 21 Australia – USA policy exchange: education and innovation

Grattan Institute is taking part in the Alliance 21 project that is exploring shared policy interests between Australia and the United States, and providing an independent assessment of the future of the US-Australia alliance.