4 March 2015

City Limits Book Launch Melbourne and Sydney Events

Launch events in Melbourne and Sydney for Grattan Institute’s first book, City Limits: Why Australia’s cities are broken and how we can fix them, by Jane-Frances Kelly and Paul Donegan.

28 July 2014

Mapping the Australian economy

This event will be launching our new Cities report which raises important questions about whether patterns of housing and transport development that served Australia’s cities so well during the golden age of manufacturing are the right ways to promote prosperity and opportunity into the twenty-first century.

1 May 2014

Sydney Event – Renovating housing policy

At this free public seminar Dr Rebecca Huntley, Executive Director IPOS Australia, discussed Grattan Institute’s new Cities report with author, Jane-Frances Kelly, Director of the Cities Program.

1 May 2014

Melbourne Event – Renovating housing policy

Do policies that support home ownership and property investment achieve their objectives and represent value for money? At this free public seminar Peter Verwer, CEO of the Property Council of Australia, discussed the forthcoming Cities report with author, Jane-Frances Kelly, Director of the Cities Program.

1 May 2014

SYDNEY Productive cities: opportunity in a changing economy

At this public seminar, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, discussed Productive cities with report author, Jane-Frances Kelly, Director of the Grattan Institute Cities Program.

1 May 2014

Productive cities: opportunity in a changing economy

Cities are essential to generating economic growth and to creating and sharing opportunities. It is time to put the functioning of our cities squarely on the economic reform agenda.

1 May 2014

Tomorrow’s suburbs – Melbourne

At this seminar Jane-Frances Kelly and Andrew Whitson, Victorian General Manager Residential at Stockland, discussed the report and its implications.

30 April 2014

Tomorrow’s suburbs – Sydney

In Australian cities, new ‘greenfield’ suburbs are being built at a remarkable rate. These new suburbs are often well designed to suit the needs of their initial residents. Yet in a generation the demographic profile of local communities can shift radically. This seminar will explore how can we build in flexibility when planning tomorrow’s suburbs.

30 April 2014

Social cities

Humans are social animals: relationships are critical to our wellbeing. Grattan’s new report, Social Cities, argues that the way we build and organise our cities is crucial to the quantity and quality of social connection, which in turn is critical to our psychological and physical health.

30 April 2014

The spirit of cities

Daniel Bell discussed the findings of his book on the modern role of cities with Jane-Frances Kelly, Grattan’s Cities Program Director.