30 April 2014

Social cities

Humans are social animals: relationships are critical to our wellbeing. Grattan’s new report, Social Cities, argues that the way we build and organise our cities is crucial to the quantity and quality of social connection, which in turn is critical to our psychological and physical health.

30 April 2014

The spirit of cities

Daniel Bell discussed the findings of his book on the modern role of cities with Jane-Frances Kelly, Grattan’s Cities Program Director.

30 April 2014

Current trends in civic engagement in the USA

Harvard political scientist Professor Robert Putnam, a pioneer of research in social capital, explained to Grattan Cities Program Director Jane-Frances Kelly how communities have become increasingly disconnected and how that might change.

30 April 2014

Infrastructure investment and productivity

With Australia’s productivity performance continuing to deteriorate, the nation needs to look at how to foster the next round of productivity growth. Grattan Institute’s productivity growth program is investigating the reasons for this decline and various remedies for it, including enhancing the quantity and quality of Australia’s stock of infrastructure, improvements to skills and vocational training, and the role of innovation.

30 April 2014

The social life of cities

Thinking about social design for cities is lagging behind thinking on economic and environmental issues, Geoff Mulgan, Chief Executive of Britain’s Young Foundation, argued in this Grattan seminar.

30 April 2014

Resilient cities

At this Grattan seminar, Neil McInroy, Chief Executive of the Manchester-based Centre for Local Economic Strategies, discussed how cities and communities cope effectively with the challenges of growth.

30 April 2014

Australian cities: liveable and sustainable?

Australian cities rate highly internationally on liveability and well-being indices. State and metropolitan governments are keen to promote the liveability of their cities as a means of attracting mobile capital, skilled labour and tourists.

30 April 2014

Cities: who decides?

t the launch of Grattan’s latest report, Cities: Who Decides?, Program Director Jane-Frances Kelly explained how cities around the developed world that have grown successfully usually involved their citizens in understanding and managing change.

30 April 2014

Governing growing cities

Australia is famously one of the most urbanised countries in the world, with our cities producing the bulk of GDP and jobs. Today our cities are on the front line of responding to climate change, and are projected to significantly increase in size.

30 May 2013

Mineral Resources Rent Tax – will it work?

This seminar explored this issue and looked at how Australia’s mining tax can be improved from here.