Rebuilding from the ground up – a National Disability Insurance Scheme

Disability doesn’t discriminate. And yet for Australians with disability, where you live or how you or a loved one acquire a disability can radically change the care and support you receive. Last year the Productivity Commission reported into disability care and support in Australia, describing the current system as “underfunded, unfair, fragmented and inefficient.” The Productivity Commission recommended a complete overhaul of disability care and support, through a National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The Australian Government has taken up the mantle for change. At this Grattan Institute event, Jenny Macklin, the Commonwealth Government’s first Minister for Disability Reform, discussed the Government’s work to build a National Disability Insurance Scheme. An NDIS requires the complete redesign of the delivery of disability care and support based on commercial insurance principles, to insure all Australians against the cost of care for significant and permanent disability. It seeks to tailor care and support based on individual need, and for the first time, will give people with disability and their carers more choice and control over the care and support they receive.

Minister Macklin spoke, then took part in a Q&A hosted by Grattan CEO John Daley.

Watch a recording of the event