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Alex Ballantyne is a Senior Associate in Grattan Institute’s Economic Policy Program. Alex has experience in public policy and academic research with a focus on macroeconomic modelling, monetary policy, and household consumption.

Alex previously worked on modelling prices, wages and labour market developments at the Reserve Bank of Australia, and was a research assistant at the University of Melbourne and the OECD. He has contributed to a range of publications across topics including inflation, financial markets and panel data econometrics.

He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Melbourne and a Masters of International Trade, Finance and Development from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, as well as Bachelors of Engineering and Arts from the University of Sydney.

Find his work on Google Scholar.


Why Australia should lock in full employment

What is full employment? Who benefits most when unemployment is low? And what lessons should we learn from our rapid economic recovery from the pandemic?

16.05.2022 Podcast

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