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Nick is a Senior Associate in the Education Program. He is currently a pre-service teacher at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

Before joining Grattan, Nick was a consultant at Nous Group where he contributed to projects on school culture, student assessment, and occupational safety. Nick has a particular interest in teaching English and volunteers with the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

Nick has a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Languages from the University of Melbourne. He is a 2022 Westpac Future Leader.


Decoding the 2023 NAPLAN results

The 2023 NAPLAN school test results released this week show that 1 in 3 Australian students are not on track with their learning. The results also reveal deep inequities in Australian schools, with more than half of disadvantaged students performing below expectations. Why is Australia performing so poorly, and what should governments do to turn this around so all students have the literacy and numeracy skills they need to have their best chance in life?

28.08.2023 Podcast

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