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Will Mackey is a Senior Associate at Grattan Institute. An economist and data scientist, he has worked in the Economic Policy, Education, and Health programs. He spent 2020 working on Australia’s COVID-19 response, with Grattan and in the Victorian Department of Health. 

Will runs workshops on data analysis, communication, and visualisation, is the founder of the R users network for Australian public policy (runapp), and is the author of a number of R packages for public policy. He holds a Bachelor of Finance and Economics from RMIT and a Graduate Diploma in Economics from the University of Melbourne.


Why vaccinating 80% of the population is our ticket out of lockdowns (and how to get there)

Join Tom Crowley, Will Mackey, Anika Stobart, and Brendan Coates, as they discuss their latest report Race to 80: our best shot at living with COVID.

30.07.2021 Podcast

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