Getting primary care right

Everyone agrees we need to improve primary care. The Commonwealth government is proposing ‘health care homes’ as part of the answer and a move to paying GPs to look after the whole patient. What issues does that raise? Do we have the information to do that? It’s often claimed that improved primary care will lead to reduced hospitalisations. Will it? A recent Grattan Institute report found that there are places in Victoria – Broadmeadows as an example – with very high rates of potentially preventable hospitalisation for a whole decade. What should we do in those places?

In this Policy Pitch, Stephen Duckett, Director of the Health Program at Grattan Institute presented some findings from Grattan Institute research. He was then joined on a panel to discuss these issues by Anne Congleton, Deputy Secretary, Community Participation, Sport and Recreation, Health and Wellbeing Division in the Victorian Department of Health & Human Services; and Jane Gunn, Professor of Primary Care Research and Head, Department of General Practice, Melbourne Medical School.