The economic, budgetary and health impacts of COVID-19 – Webinar – Grattan Institute

Coronavirus is the biggest crisis of our generation. Australians are fearful. The elderly are vulnerable. People are dying. Recession is almost certain. Businesses and borders are closing.

Governments must balance protecting public health with ensuring economic survival. How can they minimise the impacts of COVID-19 on Australia? And how do we protect the most vulnerable in our community?

In this webinar, a panel of policy experts from the Grattan Institute provided measured, informed, evidence-based perspective on the economic, budgetary and health impacts of COVID-19.

Grattan Institute Speakers

  • John Daley, CEO
  • Danielle Wood, Program Director, Budget Policy and Institutional Reform
  • Stephen Duckett, Program Director, Health
  • Brendan Coates, Program Director, Household Finances


  • Paul Austin, Editor