16 February 2016

Labor’s tax policy is courageous

Tax reform is politically difficult, so the opposition should be applauded for boldly proposing changes to capital gains tax and negative gearing. It remains to be seen whether the government will show similar courage and follow suit.

15 February 2016

Australia is not Greece, but its economy is obese and unfit

Australians woke up to dire warnings this week about their economic future. Comparisons with Greece may be a little premature, but there is certainly hard work ahead for Australia’s economic managers.

3 February 2016

Submission to Standing Committee on Economics inquiry into Tax Deductibility

This submission focuses on one widely used tax deduction that we consider is not delivering desirable policy outcomes in its current form: the full deductibility of investment losses, mainly rental losses (so called negative gearing).

17 December 2015

Budget repair and the size of Australia’s government

Read John Daley’s presentation to the Melbourne Economic Forum on the best approach to budget repair as well as beliefs about the value of small government.

8 December 2015

Lifting the GST would be win-win for states, Commonwealth

A deal on GST would support economic growth, make the tax and transfer system more progressive, help improve the budgets for Commonwealth and state governments, and even strengthen our federation.

8 December 2015

What would make a GST increase ‘fair’?

A well-designed GST package can support economic growth, make the tax and transfer system more progressive and still offer the Commonwealth and state governments some budgetary relief.

3 December 2015

Superannuation tax reform: keep it simple, make it fairer

Superannuation tax reform is in the air and it’s bewilderingly complicated. This is the core problem. If super were simpler, everyone would realise how unfair and expensive it was.

25 November 2015

‘Catch up’ super contributions: a tax break for rich (old men)

Previous repeated changes to superannuation have been too timid. Decisive reforms must target super tax breaks at those who need them most, and limit the benefits for those who don’t need them.

13 October 2015

Half-truths obscure the debate over superannuation tax breaks

This month, ASFA issued a report to bust existing myths about superannuation. Unfortunately, the report replaces many of the myths with half-truths – which can be even more dangerous.

30 September 2015

Five reasons the Turnbull government shouldn’t let us spend super on a home

Allowing first homebuyers to cash out their super to buy a home is a seductive idea. But the change would worsen housing affordability, leave many people with less to retire on, and cost taxpayers in the long run.

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