3 August 2016

PC sets groundwork for long-awaited look at super competition and efficiency

The Productivity Commission has released its draft report setting out criteria for assessing the competitiveness and efficiency of the superannuation system.

19 July 2016

A realistic strategy for federal budget repair

The persistent budget deficit is one of the re-elected Turnbull Government’s biggest challenges.

18 July 2016

Who is affected by the Turnbull government’s proposed superannuation changes

Coalition members meet today in Canberra to consider proposed changes to superannuation. A few facts may help them decide.

12 July 2016

The policy agenda: what the government should do now

Australia has a new government. After an eight-week campaign, and a week of watching the count, its members will doubtless be delighted to switch from electioneering to governing.

6 July 2016

Election 2016: How can we actually get any reform done from here

Let’s hope the next prime minister of Australia – whoever that might be – is very good at doing a deal. Because he will have little choice if he wants to make a dent in Australia’s economic or budget challenges.

28 June 2016

Budget 2016: Both parties’ budget plans are simply hoping for the best

Budgetary responsibility has always been a big deal in Australian elections. So not surprisingly, there’s been plenty of interest in the closing week of the campaign about how everything adds up.

15 June 2016

Here are the problems the next government should face. Will they?

The Orange Book 2016 surveys policy recommendations from seven years of Grattan Institute reports and outlines what the next government’s priorities should be, whoever wins the election.

3 June 2016

Tax-free super is intergenerational theft

A number of politicians have struggled this week to explain the Turnbull Government’s proposed changes to superannuation. Given the complexity of the area, that’s not surprising that intergenerational “theft” through superannuation has continued for so long.

26 May 2016

‘Who loses most’ is not always the right question

Any change in taxation invariably raises questions about distribution. Who loses, who wins – and who loses most – will always be an issue. But such analysis should be applied with care, lest it miss the bigger picture.

20 May 2016

Why the budget income tax cuts look fair – in the longer run

There has already been lots of argument about whether the May budget was fair, particularly in its changes to personal income tax. But as is so often the case, “fairness” depends on your perspective.