30 September 2015

Five reasons the Turnbull government shouldn’t let us spend super on a home

Allowing first homebuyers to cash out their super to buy a home is a seductive idea. But the change would worsen housing affordability, leave many people with less to retire on, and cost taxpayers in the long run.

27 September 2015

Super tax breaks: stop subsidising rich retirees

Superannuation tax breaks allow many to pay less tax on their savings than the personal income tax scales indicate. But are these concessions actually encouraging those on high incomes to save?

16 September 2015

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised stronger economic leadership. What should his priorities be?

A new agenda requires strong advocacy, but that is what leadership looks like.

14 September 2015

We should be grown up about GST

Increasing the GST while reducing income tax rates would be an important tax reform. If done right, it could strengthen the economy and help those on low incomes.

10 September 2015

Markets in education

Markets matter in school and higher education but they must be well designed, with government subsidies accompanied by tight controls on quality and transparent student outcomes.

14 August 2015

Submission to the Standing Committee on Tax and Revenue’s inquiry into Tax Expenditures Statement

This submission considers three criticisms frequently levied at the tax expenditure estimates and presents views on whether refinements to the TES reporting and methodology are justified.

3 July 2015

Rent rise fears are overstated

Last weekend the Property Council and the Real Estate Institute of Australia released a consultants’ report that tried to show renters would pay much more if generous tax concessions to landlords were wound back.

12 June 2015

It’s crystal clear: super tax concessions have got to go

It is increasingly accepted that Australia’s superannuation tax concessions are poorly targeted, far too generous to high income earners, and in sore need of change.

16 May 2015

Budget analysis: Future taxpayers will pay the price

This budget is all about the short term. Meanwhile the real work of structural budget repair has been put off for at least another year, which just defers (and increases) the ultimate burden to be met by future taxpayers.

18 August 2014

New rules needed to make election promises more transparent

The Parliamentary Budget Office has done a good job providing public costings of political promises since it was established in 2012. But to be most effective, it needs to be able to release costings earlier in election campaigns.

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