3 December 2011

Summer reading list for the Prime Minister

Books and articles for a Prime Minister, or any Australian, to read over the summer.

19 September 2011

Inquiry won’t stop a changing world

In assessing the impact of the internet on newspapers, the Government’s media inquiry should consider if the best government response may be to do nothing at all.

24 May 2011

‘Bolting’ regions need better support

A new Grattan report, Investing in regions: Making a difference, shows that unless governments recognize the fast-changing reality of regional Australia, they will continue to both waste money and deprive many citizens of much-needed services.

10 December 2010

Summer reading list for the Prime Minister

As well as time to spend with family and friends, summer holidays are great for reflecting upon the year past, considering the year to come – and reading. Grattan has put together a selection of books we think the Prime Minister might find stimulating over the break.

28 October 2010

Broadband won’t drive regional business growth

20 August 2010

A blueprint for the next government

11 May 2010

Our water ways for UK

10 May 2010

The Australia of tomorrow

10 December 2009

ABC Radio National on Grattan’s recommended summer reading list for the Prime Minister

10 July 2009

The 10 Numbers Australian Governments Need to Change