10 June 2015

Effective competition would cut costs in superannuation

Super fund executives may be right when they argue they are furiously competing, but that does not mean the industry is delivering efficient outcomes. Policymakers need to focus on the quality of competition, not its intensity.

16 May 2015

Budget analysis: Future taxpayers will pay the price

This budget is all about the short term. Meanwhile the real work of structural budget repair has been put off for at least another year, which just defers (and increases) the ultimate burden to be met by future taxpayers.

23 April 2015

Labor’s superannuation tax policy needs more bite

Labor’s proposals to rein in superannuation concessions is a step in the right direction but what it leaves is still far too generous.

19 April 2015

Superannuation tender process would help savers

There are too many funds and too many accounts in an industry where the costs are too high. A price-based tender in default super would help rationalise the system. The time to create a fairer and more efficient super system is now.

8 December 2014

Retirement incomes will soar, but only if government acts

There is excellent news for Australia’s 14 million super account holders in David Murray’s financial system inquiry report – but only if government seizes the opportunity.

3 September 2014

Government needs a super long-term strategy

Postponing an increase in compulsory superannuation will help the budget this decade, but will create longer-term problems in retirement savings.

18 August 2014

New rules needed to make election promises more transparent

The Parliamentary Budget Office has done a good job providing public costings of political promises since it was established in 2012. But to be most effective, it needs to be able to release costings earlier in election campaigns.

23 July 2014

Why cutting super fees is a multi-billion dollar microeconomic reform

Australia’s superannuation fees are three times higher than those charged by the best super systems overseas. The super funds will tell you change is not needed. Don’t believe them.

27 May 2014

Our super system: unjust, inefficient and increasingly indefensible

Australia’s superannuation policy is in a mess. It helps wealthy people and takes almost no load off the Federal Budget. Change is long overdue.

28 April 2014

How to halve our super fees

Australians are paying far too much for superannuation, hurting retirees and taxpayers. Here’s the remedy.