30 November 2017

Tax reform alone won’t solve the housing affordability crisis

Reducing tax breaks for property investors would improve housing affordability a little. But, as Grattan Fellow Brendan Coates shows in this presentation to the National Housing Conference, it would improve the budget bottom line and boost the economy a lot.

29 November 2017

Three charts on: poorer Australians bearing the brunt of rising housing costs

Low-income households have always had lower home ownership rates than wealthier households, but the gap has widened in the past decade. The dream of owning a home is fast slipping away for most younger, poorer Australians.

22 November 2017

Making housing more affordable requires answers that address supply and demand

Improving affordability will require policies affecting both demand and supply. Reducing demand – such as by reducing the capital gains tax discount and abolishing negative gearing – would reduce prices somewhat. But in the long term, boosting the supply of housing will have the biggest impact on affordability.

16 November 2017

Same-sex marriage results crush the idea that Australian voters crave conservatism

Australians have overwhelmingly voted “yes” for same-sex marriage. This means politicians will have to give up relying on the myth that a cultural backlash against the progressive agenda is driving voters to minor parties.

26 October 2017

If we want cheaper housing we have to build more of it: submission to the NSW housing supply inquiry

NSW housing has become increasingly expensive. The NSW Government needs to act decisively to boost the supply of land to make housing more affordable. Increasing housing supply will only restore housing affordability slowly – but without a concerted effort to boost housing supply in Sydney and surrounds, housing affordability in NSW will only get worse.

20 October 2017

Making housing more affordable: Submission to the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation consultation paper

All levels of government need to do more to improve housing affordability in Australia. The Commonwealth can reduce demand, by abolishing negative gearing, reducing the capital gain tax discount, and including owner-occupied housing in the Age Pension assets test. The states can boost supply, through better land-use planning and zoning laws, and by releasing more greenfield land.

10 October 2017

The implications of ageing for economics and politics

Conventional wisdom tells us that the global population is ageing, governments won’t be able to afford future pension and health care costs, people won’t have enough for their retirement, and governments should encourage people to save more. But in this presentation, Grattan CEO John Daley shows that, at least for Australia, the conventional wisdom is wrong.

27 September 2017

Submission to Tax Expenditure Statement Consultation

Tax expenditures are inherently more difficult to measure and observe than government spending. They do not attract the same scrutiny despite their often large budget impact. John Daley and Brendan Coates address three particular issues in response to the Treasury’s Tax Expenditure Statement (TES) Consultation Paper and presents their views on whether and how the TES can be improved.

12 September 2017

What philanthropy, advocacy, and policy influencers can learn from political economy

Philanthropic funding to advocate for the broad public interest is vital to getting better government. Speaking at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit, John Daley explores four themes about the public interest and philanthropy.

10 September 2017

Philanthropy important when the public interest often has few friends

This week “philanthropy” meets “parliament” in a biennial summit at Parliament House in Canberra. In the past this might well have been a feel-good exercise in which prominent philanthropists were feted for their good works funding new hospital wings and housing the homeless. But philanthropy is increasingly meeting parliament in ways that are less comfortable.

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