28 February 2017

Universities and the evolving graduate labour market

Chapter published in Visions for Australian Tertiary Education: Inherent uncertainties in the labour market make it hard to predict skills needs. A surge in student numbers has produced more graduates than the labour force needs in high-skill occupations. Better informed demand, particularly on the choice between vocational and higher education, could improve the demand driven system.

3 March 2016

Should we scrap the ATAR? What are the alternative options? Experts comment

The value of the ATAR is being called into question. But is scrapping the ATAR the answer? The Conversation speaks to experts from across the sector to debate how best to select students. Read Andrew Norton’s response.

26 August 2015

How does your choice of university affect your future?

Last year’s graduate labour market was the toughest on record. No student can do much about total enrolments or the overall number of jobs. But they can possibly improve their own career prospects.

21 January 2015

The ATAR debate: students need to be able to finish uni, not just start it

Reform needs to be geared towards not just increasing enrolments, but to what is in the best interests of students and prospective students. We want to give them a chance to complete a degree, not just to start one.

13 October 2014

Why a top degree won’t top up your salary as much as you’d think

If fees are deregulated, elite universities will charge more. Will students get a good return on their investment?

5 June 2014

Why social class shapes higher education less than you’d think

Higher fees don’t necessarily deter poor students from going to university but we also need to ask whether a degree is the best education option for everyone.

21 June 2013

The myth that we need more maths and science graduates

Science graduates struggle more than most graduates to find work in their field. So why are people calling for more of them?

22 April 2013

Let’s open our doors to the best global higher education

Our regulations strangle global higher education trade. Students are the losers.

11 February 2013

Is easy entry to university a good thing?

It has never been easier to get into an Australian university. But the effect on standards is far from clear.

22 January 2013

Course choices affect employment outcomes

Health courses offer the best guarantee of a professional job, writes Andrew Norton