6 August 2012

Do graduate winners need another prize?

Students do very well out of higher education. Why is the government subsidising them to take courses they would take anyway?

10 July 2012

Why higher education doesn’t always make you happier

University graduates have higher incomes, better health and more friends than people who never did tertiary study. So why aren’t they more satisfied?

11 April 2012

Science graduates outnumber science jobs

Demand for undergraduate science courses has grown strongly, but evidence suggests the science jobs boom may be a non-starter.

28 February 2012

More women, more students, more diversity

Higher education is in the midst of profound change, bringing us closer to a market in higher education than at any time in Australia’s history.

6 September 2011

The university gender gap

Women are becoming the dominant sex in universities thanks to rising enrolments, but men may have nothing to worry about.

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