6 October 2014

Why a cost-cutting Government still has a budget problem

Mostly by doing nothing, the Federal Government will cut the budget deficit to $12 billion by 2017. But balancing the budget will be a struggle from here.

30 September 2014

Why Australia gets third best policy on infrastructure

Beware the hype that more infrastructure spending means more economic growth. Much of it is unproductive. Governments need to get smarter with their money.

12 June 2014

There’s a better way than bracket creep to share the Budget pain

The Government says all citizens should share the load of Budget repair. But this Grattan Senate submission argues that a temporary deficit levy raises little and in the long run lets high income earners off lightly. Fixing super concessions and capital gains tax exemptions would be a much fairer way.

15 May 2014

Changes help the budget but not the economy

The 2014 Budget has made a good start in restoring a surplus, but parts of it will hinder economic growth and hurt the disadvantaged.

8 May 2014

Our bloated budget needs to hit the treadmill

Clearly Australian budgets are not lying on the operating table without a pulse, but the patient could be in better shape. We must reduce spending and increase revenue lest future generations pay the price.

2 May 2014

Commission of Audit fails to consider costs and benefits

The Commission has missed a big opportunity to help us all make difficult decisions about what we most value and our country’s future.

22 April 2014

Wealth inequality is back with a vengeance

Thomas Piketty’s dissection of global incomes will change the conversation around wealth inequality, not least because it appears the days of Downton Abbey are back, writes John Daley.

29 January 2014

For a fairer, more sustainable welfare system, reform the Age Pension

If the Government wants to make savings in welfare, unemployment benefit and the Disability Support Pension are the wrong places to look.

17 January 2014

Canberra’s $40 billion question: where will the money come from?

To climb out of its budget hole, the Commonwealth Government needs to think much bigger than the proposals now on the table.

17 December 2013

Why Joe Hockey can’t grow us out of trouble

The numbers in Australia’s budget don’t add up, and the Government cannot expect economic growth to solve the problem. It must raise taxes, cut spending, and tell a good story about why budget repair is vital.