29 January 2014

For a fairer, more sustainable welfare system, reform the Age Pension

If the Government wants to make savings in welfare, unemployment benefit and the Disability Support Pension are the wrong places to look.

17 January 2014

Canberra’s $40 billion question: where will the money come from?

To climb out of its budget hole, the Commonwealth Government needs to think much bigger than the proposals now on the table.

17 December 2013

Why Joe Hockey can’t grow us out of trouble

The numbers in Australia’s budget don’t add up, and the Government cannot expect economic growth to solve the problem. It must raise taxes, cut spending, and tell a good story about why budget repair is vital.

30 November 2013

Submission from Grattan Institute Australian Perspectives Program to the National Commission of Audit

Grattan Institute’s submission to the Commonwealth Government’s Commission of Audit explains why brave decisions are needed to restore Australian budgets, and sets out a reform package that add $37 billion a year to the Commonwealth budget.

27 November 2013

Time for Australia’s treasurers to get serious

Grattan’s Balancing budgets report shows governments can still pursue social policies if we’re prepared to pay for them.

25 November 2013

Fixing our budget emergency means making the case for change

Tony Abbott has a tough challenge to rein in Australia’s growing deficit, but he can meet it with brave decisions and a powerful story.

25 November 2013

How to fix our budget emergency

Australian budgets face a potential $60 billion deficit by 2023. Tough choices, including tax reform and expenditure cuts, cannot be put off any longer. Here are some options.

14 August 2013

Why governments must dig harder to get us out of deficit

Australian governments are facing a $60 billion deficit by 2023 unless they start producing tighter budgets and making tougher decisions. They have made a start but have a long way to go.

15 May 2013

Budget surplus hopes pinned on heroic assumptions

The Budget has made a start in getting Australia’s finances under control, but needs to go much further.

30 April 2013

Time to face the facts of Australian budgets

The divide between the rhetoric of politicians and economic reality is increasingly stark. Brave leaders must bridge the gap.