25 November 2013

How to fix our budget emergency

Australian budgets face a potential $60 billion deficit by 2023. Tough choices, including tax reform and expenditure cuts, cannot be put off any longer. Here are some options.

14 August 2013

Why governments must dig harder to get us out of deficit

Australian governments are facing a $60 billion deficit by 2023 unless they start producing tighter budgets and making tougher decisions. They have made a start but have a long way to go.

15 May 2013

Budget surplus hopes pinned on heroic assumptions

The Budget has made a start in getting Australia’s finances under control, but needs to go much further.

30 April 2013

Time to face the facts of Australian budgets

The divide between the rhetoric of politicians and economic reality is increasingly stark. Brave leaders must bridge the gap.

22 April 2013

We must all pay for Australia’s budget problem

Governments are in danger of posting deficits worth 4 per cent of GDP in the next decade. It’s a huge national challenge but leaders can find the cash, if they can find the courage.

21 April 2013

Buckle in for a decade of tough budgets

Structural changes in the Australian economy could leave governments $60 billion short by 2023. It’s time for hard decisions.

21 September 2011

The tax reform challenge

Australia desperately needs taxation change, but don’t bet on it happening soon.