6 May 2015

Victorian budget built on unstable foundations

Despite the beautiful numbers in his first budget as Victorian Treasurer, Tim Pallas would do well to heed the lesson his federal counterparts are now enduring: don’t bank on the good times lasting.

2 April 2015

Government writing reform cheques it’s unlikely to cash

Just a day after Joe Hockey kicked off a national conversation on tax, economist Ian Harper has brought the government into another difficult conversation, this time on competition policy reform.

17 March 2015

Negative gearing: the economic reasons why government must kill this sacred cow

Myths and taxpayer popularity are not good reasons to maintain expensive, inefficient, and inequitable tax arrangements that push home ownership further out of reach for young people. Negative gearing is a sacred cow that should be ritually slaughtered sooner rather than later.

12 March 2015

Heads in the sand on real cost of Next Generation

The narrative for the upcoming budget appears to be in a state of flux. Is it still to be “tough love” or “we’re from the government and here to help you”?

5 March 2015

Intergenerational Report: Joe Hockey and the deathly budget hallows

The Intergenerational Report aims to provide a long-term picture of future Australian prosperity, and the sustainability of government budgets. It should be a serious report. But this year it resembles a Harry Potter movie.

3 March 2015

IGR will show how we are robbing the young to pay the old

If we are serious about tackling intergenerational theft, we must consider tough reforms to the generous retirement income policies that are some of the key causes of today’s deficits.

18 February 2015

Australia should recover pension payments from estates

The age pension is large, growing fast, and poorly targeted. Sooner or later, the unthinkable will have to be thought of as essential to budget repair.

21 January 2015

Selling a GST rise will be easier if we can follow the money

We stubbornly believe that a bigger pot of GST revenues will regenerate – in whatever flavour is desired – like Alfred the bad-tempered pudding.

10 December 2014

Big spending will leave the young poorer

But the Grattan Institute’s latest report shows we can no longer be so confident the next generation will be better off than its parents. Slower income growth, rising government spending on older households, budget deficits and the housing boom all threaten the generational bargain.

9 December 2014

Young Australians set to pay for government policy mistakes

Reforms to pensions, superannuation tax concessions and asset taxation are needed to ensure the sustainability and fairness of the tax and transfer system. Without them, there is a real risk that our children and grandchildren will not enjoy the fruits of Australia’s prosperity as much as their parents.