1 April 2021

The floods are a deadly reminder of the rising threat of climate change

For the sake of our health as well as our environment and economy, governments must do more to prepare for climate-related natural disasters.

8 February 2021

Morrison scores a climate own goal

Ruling out a carbon price denies the Coalition the most effective way of getting the technology solution that it wants.

4 January 2021

Hang on for a wild climate ride in 2021

Policymakers should take 2021 as an opportunity to reconcile political fears with economic substance and answer one of the most important policy issues of our time: how to deliver reliable, low-emissions energy at lowest cost.

23 September 2020

Good news from the climate and energy wars

At last, the Prime Minister and his Energy Minister are talking the talk on delivering lower emissions, with lower costs.

26 February 2020

Climate war: the next generation

In all the strategies and tactics of Australia’s energy and climate-change policy wars, the most disturbing development is that carbon pricing became roadkill.

24 January 2020

After the fires: what Scott Morrison might do now

The Prime Minister has an opportunity to inch Australia towards zero emissions despite the climate deniers. Here’s how he could grasp it.

8 October 2019

No more Hazelwoods: a proposal to ensure coal plants close in an orderly way

Our policy would give a clear signal for investment in new, clean power supply before – not after – coal closures, and better manage Australia’s energy transition.

3 September 2019

Three ways to start fixing Australia’s energy policy mess

If we are prepared to reform our existing markets and institutions then we could reclaim the competitive energy advantage that we have thrown away.

22 May 2019

Energy: key challenges for the re-elected Coalition Government

The short-term energy outlook may be kind to Scott Morrison. But Coalition party room cohesion will be critical when the winds change – as they will.

8 May 2019

On emissions, cleaner costs more than dirtier

It will cost more to meet Labor’s 45 per cent emissions reduction target than the Coalition’s 26 per cent target. So Labor must prosecute the case that justifies the higher target.