5 December 2017

Why oligopolies are not dominating Australian consumers

Around the world, many are concerned that competition is waning. They say large firms are dominating markets, pushing up prices and profits, squeezing suppliers, and slowing growth in wages and productivity. They point to the consolidation of old industries and the rise of new technology platforms. Back at home, Australia is often said to be the land of the oligopoly. But is competition in Australia really weak and getting weaker?

15 June 2017

Submission to the Major Bank Levy Bill 2017

The Federal Government has failed to make the case for its new levy on the big banks. In this submission to the Senate Economics Committee, Grattan’s Productivity Growth Program Director Jim Minifie argues that, in the absence of such a case, the levy can be seen as an opportunistic grab for cash.

11 August 2016

Ride-sharing reforms: a win for Queenslanders

From September 5, Uber and other ride-sharing services will be legal in Queensland, as they already are in the ACT and NSW. How do the proposed reforms stack up?

9 August 2015

An uber-headache may help consumers win

Rather than closing their eyes to it, state governments should embrace ride sourcing and update regulation so consumers can enjoy the benefits of new and cheaper ways to get around.

14 October 2014

Competitiveness: Three wins but is the money well spent?

The government has released its industry and competitiveness agenda, a statement of intent with a handful of new initiatives.