12 August 2020

Australia’s COVID-19 journey takes a turn for the worse

In this running blog series for an international audience, Grattan’s Health team track Australia’s evolving response to the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier posts are published below.

9 August 2020

Victoria’s daily COVID reporting is hopelessly inadequate

What the public is told each day is a selected subset of the data being used to manage the pandemic. The Government does not disclose information it is using to track progress of COVID-19. Instead, it uses this additional information to massage its message.

29 July 2020

Aged care deaths should have been prevented

As the baby boomers reach their 80s, many more Australians will need aged care. Most won’t want what’s currently on offer.

29 July 2020

Sweden is no model for Australia on coronavirus

Loose restrictions make the virus harder to control. And when the virus is out of control, people die and the economy suffers.

17 July 2020

Victoria’s latest elective surgery slowdown is painful but necessary

It’s a lot better result than the alternative, which is the possibility of seriously ill people being turned away by hospitals or denied effective treatment.

9 July 2020

Why Australia should switch course and try to eliminate COVID-19

Lockdowns are the main tools in the suppressionist’s toolbox. An elimination strategy would save more lives and ultimately be better for the economy.

22 June 2020

We’re not done with COVID-19 yet

Australians have given themselves a magnificent advantage. A return to near-normal is in sight. But we must continue to be vigilant against the possibility of a second wave.

22 June 2020

7 lessons for Australia’s health system from the COVID-19 upheaval

Health care must not ‘snap back’ to the old order. From the benefits of telehealth to the importance of integrating public and private systems, the pandemic has shown us a better way.

12 June 2020

Australia’s COVID-19 response: the four successes and four failures

As Australia eases its restrictions, lessons from four successes and four failures should inform how we transition to a new normal.

11 June 2020

Australia’s COVID-19 response: the story so far

Our response to the pandemic passed through four phases: containment, reassurance amid uncertainty, cautious incrementalism, and escalated national action. Success so far means we now begin a fifth phase: gradual transition to a new normal.