7 March 2018

How to fund better palliative care

Governments should strive to make palliative care a universally accessible service. But for this to happen, new approaches to funding will need to be adopted, based on the experience of funding reforms in other parts of the health system.

24 October 2017

Assisted dying is one thing, but governments must ensure palliative care is available to all who need it

Assisted dying moved one step closer to reality in Victoria last week with the authorising bill passing the lower house with a comfortable 47-37 majority. While assisted dying is contentious, access to palliative care should not be.

29 September 2014

New attitudes and policies needed to change the Australian way of death

Most Australians want to die at home but more than 80 per cent die in hospital or in nursing homes. A new approach, without new expense, could give many more Australians a dignified death.