16 June 2016

Digital disruption: STEM graduates and more regulation not the answer

A complacent government could easily adopt a wait-and-see approach when it comes to the effects of technology on our economy, but a report from the Productivity Commission advocates what governments need to do to confront digital disruption – get out of its way.

9 June 2016

Election 2016: Childcare should be better for taxpayer and disadvantaged kids

Labor is offering to boost childcare subsidies to match the plan on offer from the Coalition. But are these offers just more middle-class welfare?

30 May 2016

The reforms we need to help Australia avoid economic stagnation

Australia’s economy has come back to earth after a wild ride through the mining boom but that does not mean we are destined to join the rest of the rich world’s economic malaise.

14 April 2016

Uber: Victoria must allow ride-sharing despite the costs

The traditional taxi industry does not welcome change but the potential benefits to the broader community are greater than the costs.

2 March 2016

It’s time to drop Australia’s protectionist anti-dumping rules

The Productivity Commission’s latest report outlines how outdated and economically harmful the current anti-dumping regime is. Hopefully the government takes notice and makes a move to drop it.

15 February 2016

Australia is not Greece, but its economy is obese and unfit

Australians woke up to dire warnings this week about their economic future. Comparisons with Greece may be a little premature, but there is certainly hard work ahead for Australia’s economic managers.

14 October 2015

City geography and economic policy

Australia’s economy is increasingly dominated by services produced in cities. But our big cities are nearing their limits. They are dividing geographically, home ownership is falling, and people can’t get the housing they want. Planning, housing, tax and transport policies need to adjust.

2 March 2015

Sydney’s stuck in traffic, putting the brakes on women and the west

There’s no perfect way to balance the kinds of difficult trade-offs involved in improving Sydney’s complex traffic, housing and other urban planning challenges. But it is possible to do better.

8 December 2014

Retirement incomes will soar, but only if government acts

There is excellent news for Australia’s 14 million super account holders in David Murray’s financial system inquiry report – but only if government seizes the opportunity.

11 June 2014

The silver lining: how small business can catch the cloud revolution

Cloud computing is one of the big innovations of our time. It¹s time for small business to make better use of it.