31 March 2014

To lift economic growth we must cut the cost of childcare

To increase female workforce participation — a vital part of growing Australia’s economy — more mothers need jobs. That means childcare must be expanded and reduced in price.

21 March 2014

Innovation: Time for the lucky country to make its own luck

Much innovation is led by entrepreneurs scattered across the economy. What, if anything, can policymakers do to tip the balance towards success?

15 December 2013

No quick fix for manufacturing

Propping up the car industry has been a bad deal for taxpayers. Government can play an important role supporting manufacturing but long-term productivity growth is the key.

12 December 2013

The float we had to have

Thirty years ago today, Australia floated the dollar. The decision paved the way for the economic reforms of the 1980s and ’90s and remains an indispensable piece of policy-making.

3 August 2013

How Western Australia frittered away its mining bonanza

A decade of good times in Western Australia has led to profligate government spending. It’s time to turn off the tap.

29 July 2013

How we learnt to stop worrying and love the boom

As the mining boom changes shape, policy makers need to start saving more of the proceeds.

29 July 2013

How we spent the mining bounty we should have saved

The biggest mining boom since the Gold Rush has been good for Australians, overall. But governments should have saved more of the $190 billion the boom gave them.

12 May 2013

Grattan launches innovation and productivity series with Google

The Spreading Smart Ideas series will identify policy reform opportunities to accelerate the spread of innovation.

1 February 2013

Why Australia needs more women working

Removing the obstacles to female workforce participation would give women more choices, and boost the size of the economy by up to $25 billion a year.

6 November 2012

Women surge, but not to the top jobs

Never before have women so outnumbered men as bachelor-degree holders. Yet men are still working the longer hours that will give them the most senior positions.