8 March 2011

Need to address productivity slump

13 December 2010

Australian business economists’ annual forecasting conference

Saul Eslake spoke at the Australian Business Economists’ annual Forecasting Conference in Sydney on Wednesday 8 December. His presentation looked at why productivity matters in the current Australian context and what could be done to improve Australia’s productivity performance.

3 December 2010

Infrastructure investment and productivity – address to the Economic Society

28 October 2010

Broadband won’t drive regional business growth

4 October 2010

Australia’s productivity performance

16 September 2010

Australia’s productivity performance and drivers of future prosperity

15 April 2010

An analysis of Victoria’s labour productivity performance

11 March 2010

Education investment better for Tasmanian living standards and productivity

2 February 2010

2% productivity growth target is a worthy objective

4 December 2009

Productivity and economic reform – address to the Economic Society