21 June 2017

Go with Gonski 2.0 but tinker first

Gonski 2.0 is not perfect but it is a dramatic advance on the status quo. We need to seal the deal on it so federal funding is more genuinely allocated according to student need and so Australia can finally end the funding wars and focus on other much-needed reforms that could really lift student performance.

19 June 2017

Gonski: The education union is in danger of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

As Gonski 2.0 hits the Senate, the Australian Education Union is flailing in mid-air, like Wile E Coyote in a road-runner cartoon. It doesn’t seem to realise that the ground beneath its feet – Labor’s model of Gonski – has disappeared.

2 June 2017

Even for those who believe in ‘the full Gonski’, Labor’s $22 billion figure makes no sense

School education funding is once again front and centre of Australian politics. Despite historic bipartisan agreement on the concept of needs-based funding, Labor is throwing Gonski 2.0 back in the Coalition’s face.

2 June 2017

Gonski 2.0 is the best chance to end the funding wars. Then we can address other reforms

Gonski 2.0 is not perfect, but it is a big step in the right direction. Australia cannot keep waiting for a “perfect” school-funding model. Gonski 2.0 should be improved then embraced by all sides of politics – because this opportunity to end the funding wars may not come twice.

9 May 2017

Catholic schools say we should trust them on funding. This is not good enough

Australia is an inch away from achieving real change in school funding, the nation’s oldest and most poisonous debate. The government should listen to the concerns of the Catholics, and ensure that justice is seen to be done. But in turn, Catholic school leaders should recognise the need for increased transparency – and stop using misleading examples.

9 May 2017

Is Gonski 2.0 skilful trickery or chance to get schools funding right? Expert panel responds

School Education Program Director Pete Goss reacts to the Coalition’s proposed deal and believes that taking money from overfunded schools is brave but the right call. The piece is a contribution to a number of expert panel responses.

5 May 2017

Gonski 2.0: Good start, but three questions need to be answered

If there is no devil in this detail, we believe Gonski 2.0 could mark the start of a new era in Australian schools and a long overdue end to the funding wars.

3 May 2017

Gonski 2.0: Is this the school funding plan we have been looking for? Finally, yes

They used to say that a week is a long time in politics. How last century! Now a day is a long time in politics, or at least the politics of school funding.

13 February 2017

FactCheck: is Australia below the international average when it comes to school funding?

Current school funding arrangements run out at the end of this year, and schools need to know what will replace them. So this year we can expect to hear arguments over how much funding different parts of government should provide, how funding should grow over time, and how it should be allocated.

30 November 2016

International maths and science rankings: keep calm but change direction

The latest international test results for maths and science have been released, and yet again, they paint a picture of stagnating outcomes in Australian schools. Relative to other countries, we are actually slipping backwards – and fast.