1 April 2016

Split funding idea for schools has big risks and few clear benefits

An innovative idea has been brought to the table; the federal government ceasing funding for public schools, but continuing to support non-government schools. Unfortunately, the fact that an idea is innovative does not make it worthwhile.

1 April 2016

Public vs private school funding a distraction from what matters

While streamlining accountability for government schools may have benefits, the proposal creates other problems. There are big risks in different levels of government supporting different school systems.

22 January 2016

Should you worry about a schools shortage? It really depends on where you live

As a current or prospective parent, whether you should worry about school shortages depends entirely on where you live. As a taxpayer, you should definitely worry about whether schools are being planned effectively.

22 January 2016

Schools crisis comes with massive waste of tax dollars

Victoria will need between 140 and 220 new schools to accommodate 180,000 additional students over the next decade. Good long-term planning is needed to give us permanent solutions instead of ever more portable classrooms.

10 November 2015

How to maximise Gonski funding for schools

If Gonski is revived, education ministers should do two things: first, go back to the principles in the original report; second, put in place policies and support to maximise the impact of the extra money.

11 December 2013

How school wars over money hold back our students

As Australian schools slip down global league tables, education debate continues its endless and useless battle over which school sector gets most money. For the sake of our students, it’s time for a larger view.

25 September 2013

Leading from behind: a schools plan for the new Federal Government

The Abbott Government has to pursue vital schools reform while being clear that Canberra’s role is secondary to that of the states. The trick will be to choose to do fewer things and do them well.

9 August 2013

Why we must debate Canberra’s role in schools

School education will be a big issue in the coming election campaign, yet the Federal Government does not operate one school or hire one teacher. It’s time for a proper debate about limiting Canberra’s role in schools.

6 March 2012

Gonski review reforms must not be delayed

The new national schools funding model proposed by the Gonski review has already shaped the education debate, but the hard trade-offs lie ahead for long-term reform.