11 December 2013

How to avoid the electricity death spiral

Almost for the first time in 50 years, electricity use in Australia is falling. But prices are rising, too. Reform of the way monopoly distribution businesses are regulated is overdue.

25 September 2013

Who will pay for the cost of falling electricity demand?

Since 2009 national demand for electricity has fallen but power prices keep rising. A nasty correction is looming and either companies or taxpayers will bear the cost.

26 August 2013

Time to finish Hilmer project and reform power sector

Time to finish Hilmer project and reform power sector
The 10-year wave of economic reform that the National Competition Policy report unleashed is long over. But the incoming government has an opportunity and an obligation to address the poor governance and high prices of the energy sector.

8 July 2013

Why are the coal and gas industries blind to the looming crisis?

The coal and gas industries are showing no interest in carbon capture and storage. Yet on a rapidly warming planet it is the one remedy that could save them.

4 July 2013

Talk but not much walk on energy reform

Many reports have analysed why the electricity market must change. Now it’s time for government to act.

3 June 2013

Power council leaves consumers in the cold

Australia’s energy and resource ministers had a chance on Friday to create a fairer electricity system. They didn’t take it.

22 April 2013

Why Australians are getting a shock on electricity prices

17 January 2013

Electricity supply and summer heat

Recent heatwaves and bushfires have had people worried about their property, life and health – but one thing they haven’t had to worry about is electricity supply failing during summer peak demand.

3 December 2012

Fix the electricity mess

The regulation of electricity distribution networks is broken. Fixing it could save consumers $2.2 billion a year, or $100 a week for every household. Here’s how to do it.