25 March 2018

Cut energy bills by ending gold-plated investment

Australians want cheaper electricity. State governments in Queensland, NSW and Tasmania could save consumers $100 to $400 a year by addressing past over-expenditure in their distribution and transmission network businesses.

22 March 2018

As the Libs claim South Australia, states are falling into line behind the National Energy Guarantee

Australia is edging closer to finally having a national, integrated, energy and climate policy. We’ve been here before, and previously have let the perfect become the enemy of the good.

1 February 2018

Designing a more reliable National Electricity Market

Australia is seeking to design a ‘reliability mechanism’ as part of the National Energy Guarantee. This Working Paper provides suggestions on how to design the mechanism and how it might work. On balance, we support a well-designed retailer obligation that utilises commercial market drivers. But we recognise there are risks in this approach. Policy makers will need to consult widely to ensure the new mechanism achieves the right balance between higher reliability and lower costs.

2 January 2018

A high price for policy failure: the ten-year story of spiralling electricity bills

Australia’s electricity sector is in crisis, or something close to it. For most Australians, the most visible impact of this crisis has been their ever-increasing electricity bills.

13 December 2017

AGL keeping Liddell power station open wouldn’t have worked

AGL has delivered an early Christmas present to the federal government. Its plan to replace its ageing Liddell power station in NSW is a commercial example of the transition the government wants to deliver through the proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

24 November 2017

Energy ministers’ power policy pow-wow is still driven more by headlines than details

A quick scan of this week’s headlines shows the government’s new energy plan would “slash A$120 off power bills” and that the “Turnbull government plan to address energy crisis predicts A$400 price drop”. Yes, the initial findings of the modelling of the federal government’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG) are out. Cue the latest round of bluster, misinformation and confusion.

22 November 2017

There is no credible alternative to the National Energy Guarantee

The NEG is far from perfect, primarily because the hard work of detailed design has yet to be done. The next best step would be for all parties to commit to making the NEG a workable solution to a serious national problem.

20 October 2017

Why are our electricity bills so high? The answers may surprise you

Given the central role it plays in our lives, electricity would be good value at almost any price. But as an essential service, critical to people’s health, safety and wellbeing, prices must remain affordable for all.

17 October 2017

Energy Security Board offers the government a circuit-breaker for energy crisis

The Turnbull government’s long-awaited National Energy Guarantee should be supported, not only within the Coalition but by Labor, the states, the energy industry and by electricity consumers.

17 October 2017

How the National Energy Guarantee could work better than a clean energy target

The Turnbull government has announced its new energy policy, called the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). No, it’s not Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s Clean Energy Target. But it is a policy that will drive down emissions in the electricity sector after 2020 and can be adapted by the Labor Party to hit the emissions-reduction target of any future Labor government.