23 March 2015

Electricity charges for some Victorian households up to $800 more than they need to be

Every six months the St Vincent de Paul Society releases a report on electricity tariffs in Victoria. Every six months the story is the same: too many households are paying far too much for power.

5 March 2015

NSW power privatisation: Stop the Sell Off claims put to the test

The Energy Council’s priorities and decisions would no doubt be more aligned with the national interests of energy consumers when some of its state government members are no longer conflicted by owning power companies.

22 January 2015

Electricity sales can power renaissance for the states

In the words of the Productivity Commission, it is important that white elephants remain an endangered species.

3 December 2014

The big fight over power prices is under way

Australians are tired of paying too much for power. If politicians and regulators do not stand firm, they will miss a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make prices fairer and cheaper for everyone.

26 September 2014

Energy Green Paper scores a pass on power, a fail on climate

The government’s commitment to market reforms in the power sector is worthwhile, but its Energy Green Paper shows it still has no clear plan to tackle climate change.

24 September 2014

Energy Green Paper leaves power investment up in the air

The Federal Government’s Energy Green Paper is strong on gas policy but its vagueness on carbon policy will have a damaging impact on investment generation.

8 July 2014

A practical proposal to make Australian power prices fair

Charging consumers for their peak energy use would stop some paying more than their fair share, and lower prices for all in the long run.

23 June 2014

Why premiers need to sell power assets, and be smart about it

NSW and Queensland Premiers are being far too cautious in privatising the electricity business, when all the evidence shows that private businesses run the electricity network more cheaply than the state.

9 January 2014

The end of the gold-plated electricity network

New rules on the profits that power networks can make from their investments will give some relief on high electricity prices.

18 December 2013

Electricity price reform a shock we need

Power use is falling but power prices are rising. Government must respond by tackling the structural problems behind high tariffs.

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