19 February 2018

The pathways forward for the energy sector

Most of us begin each new year hoping it will be better than the last. Australia’s energy sector is no different. And the good news is that this time, the optimism may be justified.

1 February 2018

Designing a more reliable National Electricity Market

Australia is seeking to design a ‘reliability mechanism’ as part of the National Energy Guarantee. This Working Paper provides suggestions on how to design the mechanism and how it might work. On balance, we support a well-designed retailer obligation that utilises commercial market drivers. But we recognise there are risks in this approach. Policy makers will need to consult widely to ensure the new mechanism achieves the right balance between higher reliability and lower costs.

7 January 2018

Avoiding summer blackouts doesn’t mean energy crisis over

Australians deserve – and need – far better energy and climate policy in 2018 than they got on 2017. Reviews and reports were a feature of the second half of the year. And taken together, they give hope: they may just provide the framework for focused action in 2018.

2 January 2018

A high price for policy failure: the ten-year story of spiralling electricity bills

Australia’s electricity sector is in crisis, or something close to it. For most Australians, the most visible impact of this crisis has been their ever-increasing electricity bills.

21 December 2017

Australia’s ‘nothing to see here’ approach to climate policy

You could be forgiven for mistaking this week’s Federal Government review of climate-change policies for a Christmas special edition of Utopia. The carefully workshopped product talks the talk and covers lots of ground, but its gives nothing away. It doesn’t critically evaluate Australia’s existing climate-change policies. It makes no recommendations. It is almost entirely descriptive.

15 December 2017

A gas shortage next year is unlikely, but that’s the only good news

It’s official: Australia’s gas market is still a mess. This week, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released its latest report into the gas market. It was a case of “rinse and repeat” following their 2016 inquiry and September 2017 report: although government intervention may have caused some slight improvements, high prices persist and the risk remains that gas-dependent companies could go out of business.

13 December 2017

AGL keeping Liddell power station open wouldn’t have worked

AGL has delivered an early Christmas present to the federal government. Its plan to replace its ageing Liddell power station in NSW is a commercial example of the transition the government wants to deliver through the proposed National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

24 November 2017

Energy ministers’ power policy pow-wow is still driven more by headlines than details

A quick scan of this week’s headlines shows the government’s new energy plan would “slash A$120 off power bills” and that the “Turnbull government plan to address energy crisis predicts A$400 price drop”. Yes, the initial findings of the modelling of the federal government’s National Energy Guarantee (NEG) are out. Cue the latest round of bluster, misinformation and confusion.

22 November 2017

There is no credible alternative to the National Energy Guarantee

The NEG is far from perfect, primarily because the hard work of detailed design has yet to be done. The next best step would be for all parties to commit to making the NEG a workable solution to a serious national problem.

21 November 2017

‘Finkel’s new energy report’ isn’t new and it isn’t by Finkel

The headline almost writes itself: “Finkel backs Labor’s renewables policy”. But our politicians need to focus on the substance of the energy and climate-change policy debate, rather than the headlines.

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