14 February 2012

A bright shine in small solar fixes: response to the Climate Spectator

Criticisms of the Grattan Institute report ‘No easy choices: which way to Australia’s energy future’, are either incorrect or miss the point of the analysis.

6 February 2012

Low carbon future must also be low cost

It is increasingly clear that a carbon pricing scheme alone will not do enough to enable low-emission technologies to generate enough of our electricity at sufficiently low cost.

21 December 2011

The right way to value solar

There is a right and wrong way to value solar power. How do we avoid the pitfalls, and decide what solar power is worth?

19 October 2011

International carbon markets: what are the implications for Australia?

The Federal Government will seek to link Australia’s carbon trading scheme to international markets. It is right to do so.

12 October 2011

Pricing carbon – the money and the myths

The public debate is crowded with well-worn myths. But how does the proposed carbon pricing system actually work, and what happens next?

6 September 2011

A predictable and flexible carbon price?

Emissions reduction policies need to be both flexible and predictable. Australia’s proposed carbon pricing mechanism balances these competing objectives and may provide much of the direction and confidence the economy needs.

1 September 2011

Pricing carbon – the money and the myths

What are the impacts for consumers, small businesses and electricity of the Government’s proposed carbon pricing scheme?

31 August 2011

Pain of carbon protectionism

Claims for carbon price assistance signal a new era of protectionism.

30 August 2011

Economics of pricing carbon

The longer Australia waits before pricing carbon, the more emissions accumulate in the atmosphere, and the more expensive the response will become.

23 August 2011

Time running out for nuclear option

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