10 July 2011

Climate package: Grattan Institute response

13 April 2011

Energy specialist appointed to key post

7 April 2011

Markets still the best option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Australian politics is locked in a fierce debate about how to tackle climate change. To many, arguments about whether a carbon tax or trading scheme is better than other approaches must seem confusing.

29 March 2011

Why markets can best cut carbon

14 February 2011

Groundhog day in climate change policy?

16 December 2010

Market best to reduce carbon

Australia continues to debate the best response to carbon dioxide emissions. Should we put a price on emissions or should government pay for specific actions? If we do price emissions, should this be a tax, a trading scheme or a hybrid? Whatever the response, few doubt that this would be a historic reform.

15 December 2010

Let the markets lead the way

6 December 2010

Betting on nuclear power

18 November 2010

Nuclear power in context

4 October 2010

A hybrid design for carbon pricing