10 September 2017

Will policy stability really fix the national energy market and boost capacity?

Australia needs affordable, reliable, secure and sustainable power. But last week the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) warned of imminent shortages and longer-term problems. Governments are inclined to intervene even as industry pleads for stable policy. Homes and businesses face a clear and present danger: unaffordable and unreliable power and rising greenhouse gas emissions.

7 September 2017

Submission to the Australian Energy Market Commission’s Reliability Frameworks Review

The reliability of Australia’s electricity system is currently a major concern for policymakers and consumers. The AEMC’s Reliability Frameworks Review is timely but appears to have too narrow a focus.

6 September 2017

The day Australia was put on blackout alert

The only way the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) could be blunter in its report on the state of our electricity system would be to stick a neon sign on top of its Melbourne head office saying “The market has failed”.

28 August 2017

Federal energy policy vacuum leaves states to double down on RETs

Australia desperately needs a nationally consistent energy and climate change policy, with bipartisan support. Sadly, politics and ideology are delivering precisely the opposite, and the result is high prices, unreliable supply and rising greenhouse gas emissions.

21 August 2017

Power retailers have failed and they can’t complain

For many of us, the retailers have failed to deliver what we want and expect: a decent price for our electricity. They can hardly blame the government for wanting to do so.

18 August 2017

Is re-regulation the solution to Australia’s electricity price shock?

As electricity retailers report back to the Government and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission with their plans to improve affordability – should re-regulation of the market be on the agenda?

10 August 2017

New rules for retailers, but don’t sit there waiting for your electricity bill to go down

After summoning the heads of Australia’s major electricity retailers to Canberra, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that the government will take “decisive action to reduce energy prices for Australian families and businesses”. The big question for the prime minister is, what next?

8 August 2017

Coal-fired nostalgia won’t bring back cheap power

The Turnbull government’s energy policy problems just keep getting harder. The business community has delivered decidedly mixed messages on what policies they want from this government. The hard lesson for Australia is that the very low prices of the past were unsustainable, and coal is not going to bring them back.

17 July 2017

Why energy reform has to be delivered by the Coalition

A 21st-century energy system is essential to Australia’s economic prosperity and can only be delivered if there is comprehensive agreement between the Commonwealth and the state and territory governments.

26 June 2017

Steering post-Finkel energy policy through a minefield of friends and foes

The energy and climate change policy minefield is littered with the carcasses of Australian political leaders, both Labor and Liberal. But there is a path through. The rewards for finding it will be big for this government and its leader – and ultimately for Australian businesses and households.

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