9 September 2020

There’s no spark of economic revival in this energy policy

Forget talk of a gas-led or renewables-led recovery. Revival requires credible, stable, integrated energy and climate policy.

12 August 2020

A gas bubble cannot lift Australia to manufacturing recovery

Using gas to fire-up recovery from the COVID recession would simply demonstrate everything that’s wrong with such well-meaning stimulus programs.

22 May 2020

The role of gas on Australia’s long road to a low-emissions future

Gas is a valuable resource for Australia with a wide range of applications. But its flexibility means its future role easily becomes hostage to commercial and ideological interests.

7 August 2019

Why gas prices are likely to stay high

Supply and prices will not improve without additional supply sources. And prices are most unlikely to fall to their historical levels of around a third of current prices.

18 March 2019

LNG row foreshadows the bill that’s due for failed energy policy

Whoever wins the imminent federal election will need to get serious on climate change. The mess that policy uncertainty has imposed on the domestic electricity sector is now being mirrored in gas and coal.

12 July 2018

Argument for subsidies has no power in economic merit based world

Australians need energy policy that is driven by neither green evangelism for renewables nor a deep-seated fear to protect the role of coal for baseload power.

15 December 2017

A gas shortage next year is unlikely, but that’s the only good news

It’s official: Australia’s gas market is still a mess. This week, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released its latest report into the gas market. It was a case of “rinse and repeat” following their 2016 inquiry and September 2017 report: although government intervention may have caused some slight improvements, high prices persist and the risk remains that gas-dependent companies could go out of business.

11 October 2017

What federal and state energy ministers should do next – response to the AEMC’s Strategic Priorities Discussion Paper

Australia’s energy sector needs clear goals. We recommend five immediate strategic priorities for federal and state energy ministers: returning stability to governance of the sector; agreeing on a credible emissions reduction policy; fast-tracking security and reliability measures; ensuring access to domestic gas supplies; and rewarding consumers who help to reduce system costs (by, for example, cutting their electricity use during periods of peak demand).

12 June 2017

The Finkel Review’s blueprint will give secure, reliable and affordable energy

Alan Finkel’s energy review has met the objective set for it. His Blueprint for the Future can deliver a secure, reliable and affordable electricity system for Australia while ensuring the nation can meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The focus in coming days will be on the blueprints’ problems and weaknesses rather than its opportunities and strengths. But the reality is that aiming higher is simply unachievable for now – and aiming lower will doom us to higher prices and lower security.

9 May 2017

Budget 2017: government goes hard on gas and hydro in bid for energy security

The budget does little more on energy than endorse the government’s deal with Senator Nick Xenophon on corporate tax cuts, complemented by modest commitments to energy security, more gas and better regulation.